Arturo Rodriguez, MD


Arturo Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Arturo Rodriguez
Endo-Bariatric Group

Dr. Arturo Rodriguez is a highly skilled, compassionate surgeon with more than 17 years of surgical experience. He is a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and Johnson & Johnson Proctor. He has performed more than 7,500 weight loss surgeries for patients from Mexico and the United States and was the first doctor doing Gastric Sleeves in Mexico for Diabetic patients.
Dr. Arturo Rodriguez understands the life-changing effect Bariatric Surgery can have, and he is committed to providing long-term support for his patients as they embark on their journey to healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in minimally invasive laparoscopic Gastric Banding Surgery-Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass which greatly reduces scarring and postoperative recovery time. He is highly skilled in placing and monitoring both the LapBand and the Realize band, and he personally consults with each one of his patients to determine which procedure best suits their needs. Dr. Arturo Rodriguez’s extensive experience and education also allow him to help patients who suffer from complications of morbid obesity.

Dr. Rodriguez and his professional team are dedicated to providing expert care and compassionate support from the first consultation through years of follow-up. Patients also receive long-term support through follow-up consultations by phone, interaction with Dr. Rodriguez in the online forum and patient reunions held in Monterrey.

To schedule an in-person or online consultation with Dr. Rodriguez and learn more about your weight loss options, contact him at:

6 thoughts on “Arturo Rodriguez, MD

  1. Awesome post, thanks. Been trying to lose weight with the Cambridge diet these past couple of months and it’s going amazingly well. Will try and update soon to let you know how it’s going, so far I’ve lost 25 pounds in 4 months!

  2. Hello,
    I was not the one that invented the Lapband procedure but one of the first doctors in Mexico to per for the procedure for treating obesity.
    I also was the first doctor in doing a Gastric Sleeve in Mexico but also I did not invented the procedure.

  3. I just left a letter to Dr Rodriguez on the page that talks about lapband surgery in Mexico. After I sent my letter…. it said awaiting moderation. I am not sure what this means. Do I need to redo my letter?

  4. Hello Georgeann,
    It was great to talk to you today!
    I have already answer your questions and you can call me back tomorrow if you still need to talk with me.

  5. Hi Dr. Rodriquez!!:)

    This is Tracy from Canada:)

    I have, I believe, a Johnson band, and have had it filled to 11 cc, which is overload, but before that, I did not lose enough. Band worked great at this level for 1.5 yrs. Now the restriction does not feel the same and I can eat more. When I get filled, I feel, and have lots of experience at it, as I had my band placed by you in 2008, that the band is filled. However, it does not seem to be restricting. I have recently had it studied by fluoroscopic procedure twice. The first time was with chalk to view it, and results were band is fine. Second was by Bariatric specialist and fill Dr., and they said band is fine as well. My Dr. will not put more than the 11 cc in. Do you know of people who require more fluid to restrict as time goes on and would it be safe to go to 11.5 cc? Also, the specialist asked me if my fill doctor uses huber needles, and I did not know. Is the use of huber needle completely necessary, as my research online on one webite says statistically there is no damage caused by other needle types.

    I may have to come back to see you for help. Can you give me any sort of cost base for you to look at the band, and repair as necessary? I am scheduld for a fill on Jan. 24, and will really watch for the yellowing of fluid, but I do not think this is the case.



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